How to apply

If you're a member of the public, part of a community group, a councillor or an MP, you can ask for a review of your community’s cash access needs. You'll need to apply to LINK, the organisation responsible for the UK's ATM network. LINK runs a financial inclusion programme and has many years of experience in assessing communities' cash needs.

LINK will look at a wide range of factors to decide whether your community needs a new cash service. They will look at which cash and banking services are already available to the community. But they will also look carefully at other factors including the community's size and age profile, the number of local businesses, the take-up of digital services and the number of people who are likely to rely on cash. 

Once they have carried out an assessment, LINK may say that the community is already well served for cash access. Or they can recommend a Banking Hub or a new deposit service.  

Ask for a review of your community's cash needs
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