Banking Hubs

Banking Hubs offer easy access to face-to-face cash and banking in the heart of communities across the UK. They are owned by Cash Access UK and operated by the Post Office. Each Banking Hub has a counter where you can:

  • pay in cash and cheques
  • withdraw cash
  • check your balance
  • pay utility bills
  • top up your gas and electricity
  • access change-giving services (for small businesses) 

You can also talk to your bank or building society face-to-face about more complicated banking enquiries like payments and transfers, managing your account, and how to use online banking. Community Banker availability varies between Hubs and is based on local demand. Please check which Community Bankers are in your local Hub. You can view the services available from Community bankers from the Community Banker Services page.

This page shows the status of each Banking Hub, whether it's open for business or still under construction.