Pilots and innovation

We're continually testing new and innovative services to meet community cash needs.

Temporary Banking Hubs

In some communities, it may be difficult or take time to find a location for a permanent Banking Hub. In these instances, we think creatively and test alternative solutions to bring access to cash services to the community.

This may include opening a temporary Banking Hub in the local Library for example, while we progress the permanent Hub. We may even consider a longer-term alternative to a standard Banking Hub building.

The temporary Banking Hub in Buckingham which provided services to the community while we prepared the permanent Hub

As well as providing Banking Hubs, we're working with a range of providers and communities to test new cash services. This will help us stay up to date with the latest innovations in the market and meet communities' needs as they change over time.

Cash deposit solutions

We’ve been testing a variety of cash deposit solutions in communities across the country.

Faster banking services in the Post Office

In partnership with the Post Office, we have made changes to improve people's banking experience, making it quicker and easier for customers.

The faster banking services include new machines to make transactions quicker and a dedicated banking counter. These support individuals and small businesses, offering a more private space to carry out transactions and less queuing time.​

This saves times for customers wanting to carry out banking transactions. It also benefits other Post Office customers as they no longer need to wait behind people making banking deposits. 

Faster banking services are currently available in: 

Bourne Holyhead Plympton
Dunmow Holywood Sandbach
Faversham Melksham Swanley

Following the success of these new services, during 2024 we will be rolling these out to other towns where a deposit solution has been recommended by LINK.

Faster banking services are now available at the Post Office in Holywood

Dedicated deposit devices

In partnership with NoteMachine, we will be piloting a Banking Pod in Atherstone in early 2024, which will offer the following services to the community:

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Balance inquiry
  • PIN management
  • Cash deposits

More information coming soon.

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