Crieff temporary Banking Hub opens and permanent location revealed

Cash Access UK, the organisation set up to protect nationwide access to cash, has today opened the temporary Banking Hub in Crieff Connexions on Church Street. The temporary Banking Hub will provide locals with basic banking and cash services.

The temporary Hub which will open five days a week will remain available until the new permanent Banking Hub opens. It will offer a counter service operated by the Post Office, where customers of all major banks can carry out regular cash transactions whenever the hub is open. It also offers a Community Banker service where customers can talk to their own bank about more complicated issues.

Community Bankers will work on rotation, with a different bank available on each day of the week from 9am – 5pm:

Monday: Santander

Tuesday: Virgin Money

Wednesday: TSB

Thursday: Royal Bank of Scotland

Friday: Bank of Scotland

Cash Access UK can also confirm today that a lease has been signed for the permanent home of the Banking Hub. It will be located on 17 High Street (in the former Semichem). The next steps will be to refurbish the building before opening. In the meantime, the temporary hub will remain open until the permanent Hub is up and running.

Crieff was recommended a Banking Hub last year by LINK, the UK’s cash access and cash machine network, following the announcement of the final bank branch closure.

Gareth Oakley, CEO, Cash Access UK: “We’re pleased to open the temporary hub in Crieff. We’re very grateful to Crieff Connexions for giving us the space and it immediately means customers can get basic banking services and access to cash. Our priority is to now focus on opening the permanent hub, which we hope to open later this year.”

Councillor Stewart Donaldson (Ward 6 Strathearn): “I’m very pleased that the new banking hub in Crieff is now open. However sad it may be that so many bank branches have closed locally over recent years, I believe the new style hub will be of immense benefit to local people and businesses. These hubs have worked already in places not far away such as Carnoustie and Brechin.  

“For the moment, the Hub is being based at Crieff Connexions, in Church Street in Crieff. Furthermore the permanent base for the banking hub will be at 17 High Street, at the old Semi-Chem. That could be quite a number of months away given the work that has to be done there. For the moment I’m so grateful to David McCann, Elizabeth Philip, and all the others at Crieff Connexions for their effort. As for the new banking hub it looks good to go.”

David McCann, Development Manager, Crieff Connexions Hub: “We are delighted to host the new Crieff Banking Hub which will I know will be a hugely beneficial asset to our local community. We look forward to welcoming the Hub customers to our centre.”