Ware temporary Banking Hub opens

A new temporary Banking Hub has opened in Ware. Located at Ware Drill Hall, 17 Amwell End, Ware, SG12 9HP, the Hub will provide the local community with basic banking and cash services. 

The temporary Hub which will open five days a week will remain available until the new permanent Banking Hub opens. It will offer a counter service operated by the Post Office, where customers of all major banks can carry out regular cash transactions whenever the hub is open. It also offers a Community Banker service where customers can talk to their own bank about more complicated issues.

Community Bankers will work on rotation, with a different bank available on each day of the week from 9am – 5pm: 

Monday: HSBC (coming soon)

Tuesday: Barclays

Wednesday: Santander

Thursday: NatWest

While the temporary Hub is up and running today, Cash Access UK can confirm it is continuing to progress the permanent home for the Banking Hub. In the coming months, they will provide updates and the temporary Hub will remain open until the permanent Hub opens. 

Ware was recommended a Banking Hub by LINK, the UK’s cash access and cash machine network, following the announcement of the final bank branch closure. Ware’s temporary Hub is the first to be opened in Hertfordshire, with Hubs to follow in Royston and Hatfield.

Gareth Oakley, CEO, Cash Access UK: “We’re pleased to announce the opening of the temporary Hub. While we make progress to open a permanent Hub, the temporary Hub will provide all the services and convenience to support local residents and businesses in Ware.”

Terry Philpott, Town Clerk of Ware Town Council: “We are delighted that a project that Ware Town Council initiated in April 2022 has come to fruition. We recognise the importance of access to banking and fully support the needs of our community in having access to this service. Thank you to Cash Access UK for their work on this vital facility for Ware.”